Budgeting for the Church

As churches look to the year ahead they need to make sure that they catch the vision. The vision informs the calendar and then informs the budget

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From Vision to the Calendar

As churches look to the next year to come, the first thing they need to have aligned is their vision. The vision informs the very next step, and every step after that.

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Vision: Why, What, & How

The fall is the time where churches look at what’s to come in the next calendar year. But where to you begin? We begin with the ‘why?’

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Managing Miranda Rights People

In leadership you will encounter those who refuse to be lead. In cases such as these, remember your Miranda Rights.

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The Persuasive Preacher

Preachers of the gospel are called to proclaim the greatest message in all of human history. This is a job to be taken seriously, not only in the ‘what’ they proclaim but in the…

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The Bucket List

Do Christians have a need for a ‘Bucket List’? We have one job in this life to accomplish before we ‘kick the bucket’.

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Planning: Tactical, Not Just Strategic

Leadership is more than just about having a plan; it’s about having a plan when the plans fail.

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