The concept of a bucket list is pretty well known. It is a list of experiences or achievements that a person seeks to fulfill before they kick the bucket.[1] There was a movie made several years ago staring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman entitled The Bucket List. They played characters who had been diagnosed with cancer so they decided to “see the world” before they died.

While I am in favor of living life to the full; embracing adventure and experiencing amazing things, I challenge the notion of having a bucket list. I think it is unfriendly to Scripture. As children of God who have been gifted with eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ we have an eternal perspective. With an eternal perspective we don’t really believe that we have to cram all the fun possible into this short life do we? If you know the goodness of God and really believe in eternal life a bucket list doesn’t make much sense.

As children of God we are to live with a sense of purpose and urgency. Our lives must consist of more than the pursuit of happiness. We are to live our earthly lives for the will of God.[2] You and I can’t do everything this world has to offer and do the will of God. There simply isn’t enough time and we don’t have enough energy. We have to say no to some things so that we can do a few things well.

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Does the will of God include enjoying the things of this life? Sure it does. God wants us to enjoy life, but within the context of our relationship with him and our pursuit of him. Should we have fun and pursue adventure? Absolutely.[3] Yet, the mission of God must be paramount. Remember the words of the Apostle Paul. He said, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”[4]


[1] That is, “die.”

[2] 1 Peter 4:1-2

[3] I’m going to save things like high altitude climbing and flying with a wingsuit to a time when death isn’t a strong possibility.

[4] Philippians 1:21